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This mini scuba diving gear will have you snorkeling just a little longer
15 Jan, 2017
MiniDive condenses traditional scuba diving equipment into a tiny tank and harness so users can swim more freely.
MiniDive, the diving bottle that recharges by hand
25 Dec, 2016
Notice to amateurs and professionals of scuba diving ! Discover MiniDive, the first ever manual rechargeable dive bottle.
MiniDive, the first mini rechargeable diving bottle with a manual pump
6 Dec, 2016
MiniDive is a young French start-up that offers an innovative solution allowing the general public to dive underwater for several minutes by breathing normally, all with a light and compact equipment. Autonomy is 5 to 10 minutes. 
A mini diving tank for beginners
28 Nov, 2016
MiniDive was published on the official website of the "Equipe".