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Mini Dive Carbon+ (1.1 L / 67 cu in) + Harness

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Minidive scuba tank 1l

1,1 L carbon capacity which offers up to 20 minutes of autonomy + harness Made in France. 

Dive bottle refillable with a minidive compressor, a filling station or the 12v mini dive compressor. Read the minidive reviews.

The MiniDive Carbon+:

It includes a 1,1 L cylinder of 300 bar with the regulator system. Very easy to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth and breathe!

The carbon bottle allows you to have a 20 minutes autonomy under water. Its weight is 2.5 kg and its buoyancy is neutral. Its dimensions are available below the description.

All our products are certified to meet European and world standards, which ensures maximum safety for every user. All our cylinders are tested at 300 bar before being marketed.

A complete user manual is included in each pack.

The Harness:

Designed and entirely handmade in France, it is adapted to the MiniDive Carbon+ and is adjustable to fit all male or female morphologies. Closing with clips and scratch®.

Recharging of the bottle:

With the 12 V compressor (not recommended because of multiple filling)

With a DIN filling station 

With a 220 V compressor

If the product is out of stock, consult the repackaged products.

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Data sheet

22 cm / 9 in
11 cm / 4,3 cm
2.3 Kg / 4.4 lbs
Gris / Grey
Maximum Pressure
300 bar / 4500 psi
1.1 / 67 cu in
8+ (sous surveillance parentale) / 8+ (under parental supervision)
Rated 4.64 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 14 customer reviews

Très bien

Je n'ai jamais vu une bouteille de plongée aussi belle, elle ne prend pas d place sur un bateau et permet d'aller explorer sous l'eau pendant 20 minutes a peu près.

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La bottiglia è molto buona

La bottiglia è molto buona, il servizio clienti non è fornito in italiano, peccato

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De koolstoffles is perfect in autonomie en grootte

De koolstoffles is perfect in autonomie en grootte, enige kleine tekortkoming het is lang om op te laden met een 12V compressor, maar vult zeer goed met de 220 V compressor! zeer tevreden met mijn bestelling

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Wir haben 2 Flaschen für mich und meine Kinder, wir können etwa 15-20 Minuten lang gleichzeitig tauchen, es ist eine sehr gute Erfahrung, die wir empfehlen, wobei wir die auf den Flaschen und dem Benutzerhandbuch angegebenen Sicherheitsregeln beachten sollten.

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