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MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L) + Harness + MiniComp

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The more convenient Carbon pack! This pack includes the MiniDive Carbon (1.1 L) that has up to 20 mins autonomy. You will fill your tanks very quickly with the mini compressor included, as much as the high quality harness that gives you the hands free underwater. This cool pack is the best for a frequency use of the MiniDive Carbon (1.1 L).

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En attente de réapprovisionnement Delivery from September 23rd

$US 1,599.00

The MiniDive Carbon : It includes the 1.1 L (67 cu in) 300 bar (4500 psi) tank with the breathing system called "regulator". It’s very simple to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth then breathe ! The Carbon tank gives you 20 mins autonomy underwater. Its weight is 2,5 kg (5,5 lbs) and the buoyancy is neutral. The safety is our #1 priority, the MiniDive Carbon meets all regulatory standards, ensuring maximum safety for its user. For example, before each shipment, the tanks are tested at 300 bar (4500 psi). A comprehensive user manual about the equipment and the diver security is included with each MiniDive Carbon.

The MiniComp : The mini electric compressor can be plugged to a personal domestic outlet. It can fill the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) in 3 mins and the MiniDive Pro+ (0.8 L) in 5 mins just by pushing the ON button. 30 filters are included with every MiniComp, it have been specially designed by MiniDive to filter humidity, moisture, oil residues and oil smell for a clean air. Filter change is advised after every full tank filling, every filter can be reused one time after been regenerated as mentioned in the user manual. The nominal power of the MiniComp is 1800 W. An American plug is included for all MiniComp shipped to the USA, Canada and Japan.

This MiniComp model has a 2 years warranty.

The Harness : Designed by MiniDive for the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L), Pro+ (0.8 L) and Carbon (1.1 L), it is handmade in France. This harness can hold the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L), Pro+ (0.8 L) and Carbon (1.1 L) to your chest (man or woman) whatever your position underwater. An adjustable elastic up to 140 cm (55 in) can adapt to all morphologies. Its scratch system makes it very easy and simple to use. 

Sold with a electrical outlet complying with European standards.
Possibility of using a converter 12 V / 200 V (with starting power > 8000 W).

Poids20.5 Kg / 44 lbs
ColorBleu / Blue
Maximum Pressure300 bar / 4500 psi
Capacity1.1 L / 67 cu in
Age8+ (sous responsabilité parentale) / 8+ (under parental supervision)
Power1800 W
Filter removeHumidité, particules, huile et odeur / Humidity, particules, oil and smell
Frequency filter changeChaque remplissage / Each filling
Filter included (number)Oui (30) / Yes (30)
Safety valveOui / Yes
Filling time5 mins
OthersSystème de connexion rapide sécurisé / Safe quick connect system

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Perfect gift
Anna B. on 02/13/2019

I ordered this pack for my husband's birthday. Hopefully the delivery has been quick and in time. He loves the carbon tank that is just magnificent, he also use the tank for the pool cleaning. He seems completely satisfied for now.

good carbon kit
Lau M. on 04/13/2019

I got my pack in March and used it few times, the tank has a special shape but underwater is time is incredible, 20 mins is enough and not dangerous. A spare tank in plus would be perfect.

Aussi nouveau qu'addictif pour moi
Samantha L. on 05/18/2019

Recu et testé et validé à 100% en Espagne, idéal en méditeranée dans une crique poissoneuse^^ besoin d'une 2eme bouteille pour plonger à 2 maintenant.

5 stars
Toshi M. on 06/04/2019

We received the kit 5 days after the order in Japan (Kyoto). We tried immedialty in the pool, it's all new for us, but now need another tank to dive together.

Anfänger Taucher
Herbert D. on 06/05/2019

Sehr gutes Carbonprodukt mit einem sehr schönen Finish. Die Flasche / das Geschirr passt gut und bequem unter Wasser. Der Kompressor ist beim Aufladen etwas laut, aber das ist nicht der schlimmste.

As fun as expected
Boby M. on 06/16/2019

Products just amazing, easy to use as it be under water as onto for filling and storage. The only bad point is the cost of delivery, now I know why because the compressor is 40 lb. Hopefully there is a handle!

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    You frequently use your MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) / Pro+ (0.8 L) or MiniDive Carbon (1.1 L) and wish a fast recharging and effortlessly? Get the mini electric compressor! One button is enough to completely fill your MiniDive.
    In Stock
    $US 1,000.00
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    The Ultime Seabob Experience, you like the Seabob on the surface of the water? You will love it underwater, explore the underwater world up to 20 mins with the Seabob Carbon, the fastening system for the Seabob is included in the package. The MiniDive Carbon makes you the new James Bond!
    Delivery from September 23rd
    $US 599.00

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