MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)
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  • MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L)

MiniDive Carbon (1,1 L) + Fastening System

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The Ultime Seabob Experience, you like the Seabob on the surface of the water?

You will love it underwater, explore the underwater world up to 20 mins with the Seabob Carbon, the fastening system for the Seabob is included in the package. The MiniDive Carbon+ makes you the new James Bond!

The MiniDive Carbon+ : Designed especially for the Seabob, it includes the 1.1 L (67 cu in) 300 bar (4500 psi) tank with the breathing system called "regulator".

It’s very simple to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth then breathe ! The Carbon tank gives you 20 mins autonomy underwater. Its weight is 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) and the buoyancy is neutral. The fastening system is very easy to install on the Seabob and a belt keep the MiniDive Carbon+ hooked on the front of the Seabob.

The safety is our #1 priority, the MiniDive Carbon+ meets all regulatory standards, ensuring maximum safety for its user. For example, before each shipment, the tanks are tested at 300 bar (4500 psi). A comprehensive user manual about the equipment and the diver security is included with each MiniDive Carbon+.

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Data sheet

4.4 lbs
Maximum Pressure
4500 psi
61 cu in
8+ (under parental supervision)
Filter remove
Humidity, particules, oil and smell
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Fits perfectly and what a new experience

We have a seabob since 2017, it is a amazing adult toy, but with a tank on it is more than that! Stay around 20 mins underwater by breathing normally is just amazing. The fastening system is simple but efficient, the gauge is well designed, we can check at everytime the remaining air without have to move of touch something. Every seabob should have this device on, it completely change the use.

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