Minidive, underwater exploration for everyone!

Minidive, underwater exploration for everyone!

We tested the MiniDive for you, a mini scuba tank that allows you to stay between 5 and 10 minutes underwater, in order to observe fish and seabed. It can also be used more conveniently, to check the condition of a boat's hull or the operation of a swimming pool siphon, for example. This mini scuba tank can be recharged manually using the pump supplied with it (other means such as a mini electric compressor can be used), it is in the interest of the product! Also, it is important to specify that the MiniDive is intended for the general public, it is not necessary to have any knowledge of diving to use it!

1st test in the swimming pool!

To give us an opinion on the product and how it works, we took advantage of the good weather to go for a swim at the magnificent Domaine de Charlyne, a stone's throw from Bourg-en-Bresse. A magical place where atypical accommodation and varied activities surround a lake clearly ideal for this kind of test. Change of scenery guaranteed! To understand how the product works and to be ready to use it correctly, we first carried out several tests in the estate's swimming pool. First, we have prepared the material. To do this, you must therefore tune the mini bottle to the pump, then pump in order to compress the air inside (the maximum pressure being around 200 bar). I'll be honest with you, that was the hard part! After 10 minutes and a few unsuccessful attempts, I still went back to the instructions in order to successfully use the product (fault of mine, I only had to do it before)! In short, once the system is operational, all you have to do is attach the bottle to the harness, which itself hangs both in the back and around the neck. The whole thing is quite comfortable and not bulky at all. Then, it's time for the real test!

First felt, if the weight of the product (2kg) is felt somewhat outside the water, it is absolutely not felt when you are submerged, an excellent point that allows you to have total freedom of movement and no uncomfortable ! As for autonomy once underwater, well it depends on the effort made (logical). If you swim constantly, autonomy is reduced, and vice versa! You can therefore stay underwater for a long time by controlling your breathing.

And splash, in the lake!

Once the grip is complete, there is no question of staying a second longer in the pool! Head to the superb lake in the Charlyne area in order to carry out a more concrete test and really take advantage of the purpose of the MiniDive!

So what is it really? First of all, it is important to specify that once the operation is well understood, the use is simple and the system is rather practical. In fact, it only takes a few seconds to equip yourself with the harness and the bottle, on the other hand, you have to pump a lot of time to fill the latter! Speaking of filling, if the use is occasional the pump is sufficient, if the use is more regular, it is better to opt for the compressor!

Splash, let's go! The feeling is quite pleasant, we feel free to swim wherever we want, the material not being felt. I found the MiniDive ideal for recreational snorkeling, much more than the traditional mask and snorkel! Of course, the autonomy is limited and does not allow the MiniDive to claim to have the same functionality as real scuba tanks, but it is a good compromise! In addition, the mini-bottles are sold individually, which allows, if you have more than one, to only have to change bottles when one of them is empty, and to resume instantly. diving !