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MiniDive Pro (0,5 L) + M4S Hand Pump + Harness

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The starter pack ! This pack includes the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) that has up to 10 mins autonomy. You will fill your tanks very simply with the M4S Hand pump included, as much as the high quality harness that give you the hands free underwater. This pack is the best to start to dive while being autonomous to fill its own tank.

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The MiniDive Pro : Include the 0.5 L (31 cu in) 200 bar (3000 psi) tank with the breathing system called "regulator". It’s very simple to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth then breathe ! The aluminium tank, wrapped of a handmade navy blue protection gives you up to 10 mins autonomy underwater. Its weight is 2.1 kg (4,6 lbs) in the air but much less felt underwater : around 1 kg (2,2 lbs), his weight is quickly forgotten. The safety is our #1 priority, the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) meets all regulatory standards, ensuring maximum safety for its user. For example, before each shipment, the tanks are tested at 300 bar (4500 psi). A comprehensive user manual about the equipment and the diver security is included with each MiniDive Pro.

The M4S Hand Pump : This high technology hand pump allows you to fill yourself your own tank. Anywhere you are, only with your arms you are able to fill completely your MiniDive Pro up to 200 bar (3000 psi) ! "4S" means "4 Stages" which correspond to the number of cylinders in the pump tube, which makes pumping in high pressure easier. A little screw between the 2 handles allows you to set up the force of pumping effort. 12 mins average are enough to fill up you MiniDive Pro (0.5 L). Every M4S hand pump has a filter already mounted that filter humidity, moisture, oil residues and oil smell for a clean air. The connexion with the MiniDive Pro is very easy thanks to a quick clip, a manometer (gauge) on the integrated to the pump allows you to see in real time the pressure of the MiniDive Pro.

The Harness : Designed by MiniDive for the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L), it his handmade in France. This harness can holds  the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L) to your chest (man or woman) whatever your position underwater. An adjustable elastic up to 140 cm (55 in) can adapt to all morphologies. Its scratch system makes it very easy and simple to use.

Hauteur18 cm
Largeur23 cm
Profondeur70 cm
Poids8.8 lbs
Maximum Pressure3000 psi
Capacity31 cu in
Age8+ (under parental supervision)
Filter removeHumidity, particules, oil and smell
Frequency filter changeHeat the filtrer every 5 to 10 filling, change the filter every 30 full filling
Filter included (number)Yes (1)
Safety valveNo
Filling time12 mins
OthersSafe quick connect system

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Julien T. on 12/13/2018

Je me sert de ma minidive pour mon bateau quand j'en ai besoin, très pratique et en plus autonome avec la pompe.


Merci pour votre retour, nous esperons que votre avis sera utile à d'autres plaisanciers.

good product
Josh T. on 12/25/2018

this is just an amazing product during the lobster season in Florida!! I advise to get more tank to avoid the filling after 8 mins of use. Josh.

1st dive in my life…I'll remeber it…
Anna B. on 01/04/2019

I was stressed and eager to dive for the first time in my life, it's a sensation that can't be described, after 6 min underwater I just only wanted to dive again. I will bought the 0.8L tank to stay more longer underwater as soon as it will be available, my recommandation for those that want to dive often is to buy the mini compressor because the filling witht the hand pump is a little bit light for a frequency use.

Robert H. on 01/09/2019

I wanted to start scuba diving with minidive because its seems small and lightweight and convinient, it is! sensation are really awesome underwater. The pump air filling works well but a little too long when u r in a hurry to dive

Enfin !
Patrick T. on 02/21/2019

Cela faisiait des années que j'attendais un systeme que celui là, moins lourd et pénible que les bouteilles de plongée (j'étais plongeur occasionnel). La pompe manuelle permet enfin d'être autonome et de recharger soi-même sa propre bouteille …et c'est génial. Seuls petits regrets…on a juste en vie de rester sous l'eau plus longtemps et une petite ceinture de plomb serait pas mal afin d'avoir une flottabilité parfaite sous l'eau, continuez comme ca MiniDive, en plsu c'est français !

Très bon kit pour commencer
Philippe L. on 03/29/2019

Répond aux mails et livraison en 2 jours …je n'ai rien à redire sur le service. Sur le produit on sent que c'est un produit de qualité, que ce soit sur les accessoires ou bien les coutures du harnais par exemple. Maintenant sur l'autonomie, il est annoncé en 5 et 10 minutes, j'arrive à faire 7 minutes en optimisant ma plongée ce qui est quand même correcte étant donné la taille de la bouteille. Le rechargement est un peu long je dosi dire mais en faisait des pauses il n'est pas forcement difficile physiquement. Je suis très satisfait de mon achat dans l'ensemble donc je mets 9/10. Pour l'été je pense qu'une plus grande bouteille serait mieux pour rester plus longtemps sous l'eau et je prendrai peut être un compresseur si mon budget me le permet…

A revolution almost perfect
Elisa F. on 04/01/2019

I have never dived before and chose this pack to fill the tank myself with the pump. It is a little bit too long but it work. I can enjoy under water for 7/8 mins that is always too short. Even if the pump works well, a quicker filling would be a good improvment.

Almost perfect
Raquel m. on 04/12/2019

harness a little bit short on around my neck to check the manometer, they sent me an extender that fits well, except that very good product as a whole.

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    This specially designed harness allows you to use the MiniDive Pro without hands under water, the tank is stuck against your breast thanks to the adjustable elastic up to 140 cm (55 in).
    In Stock
    $US 40.00
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    The new M4S hand pump allows you to fill yourself your own MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) or tank (0.5 L) faster than the prevous hand pump. The maximal service pressure is 200 bar (3000 psi) and the pumping time is 12 mins average. 
    In Stock
    $US 360.00

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