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0,5 L Compressed Air Tank

The 5 to 10 mins autonomy of one tank are not enough for you ? Take other(s) tank(s), change a empty tank for a full one take only few secondes.

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119,00 € tax incl.

The Tank (0.5 L) : Also called "Recharge", it’s the MiniDive Pro without the breathing system called "regulator". Only few secondes are necessary to connect the regulator. The tank and its valve contain 100 L (3,53 cu ft) of compressed air needed for enjoy the autonomy up to 10 mins. The tank is wrapped of a handmade navy blue protection. 

Hauteur30,5 cm
Largeur7,2 cm
Profondeur7,2 cm
Poids1,1 kg
Maximum Pressure3000 psi
Capacity0,5 L
Age8+ (under parental supervision)

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