M4S Hand Pump (Refurbished)

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The new M4S hand pump allows you to fill yourself your own MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) or tank (0.5 L) faster than the prevous hand pump. The maximal service pressure is 200 bar (3000 psi) and the pumping time is 12 mins average

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The M4S Hand Pump : This high technology hand pump allows you to fill yourself your own tank. Anywhere you are, only with your arms you are able to fill completely your MiniDive Pro up to 200 bar (3000 psi) ! "4S" means "4 Stages" which correspond to the number of cylinders in the pump tube, which makes pumping in high pressure easier. A little screw between the 2 handles allows you to set up the force of pumping effort. 12 mins average are enough to fill up you MiniDive Pro (0.5 L). Every M4S hand pump has a filter already mounted that filter humidity, moisture, oil residues and oil smell for a clean air. The connexion with the MiniDive Pro is very easy thanks to a quick clip, a manometer (jauge) on the integrated to the pump allows you to see in real time the pressure of the MiniDive Pro.

You can fill the MiniDive Pro+ (0.8 L) with the M4S hand pump but the pumping will be longer than the MiniDive Pro (0,5 L). Around 18 mins.

Our refurbished products are products that have not been used or have been used and returned to us in a very good condition. They have been the subject of numerous tests and are therefore in perfect working order and still under warranty.

Hauteur62 cm
Largeur21 cm
Profondeur18 cm
Poids2 kg
Maximum Pressure2900 psi
Age8+ (under parental supervision)
Filter removeHumidity, particules, oil and smell
Frequency filter changeHeat the filtrer every 5 to 10 filling, change the filter every 30 full filling
Filter included (number)Yes (1)
Safety valveNo
Filling time15 mins
OthersSafe quick connect system

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Good but for non-frequency dives
Dubuck A. on 01/31/2020

"First real starter pack" is true in the way that I can fill my tank almost anywhere but the filling time is around 10-15 mins. Which means that it's longer for than the dive itself. I think it's a pack for just some dives in the year, for me that want to use it at least once a month, the 12V compressor seems more adapted, I will post my review once I will get it.

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