What is MiniDive ?

It’s a French company which wishes to democratize the mini diving for all with a maximum of safety.

MiniDive is a new mini dive tank designed and tested to be used by all.

For that, more practical and more accessible products than traditional diving equipment.

minidive minidive pro

Presentation of the MiniDive Pro

The autonomy of one tank is 5 to 10 min.

The interest of the MiniDive Pro is its refill facility. There are 4 possibilities to fill the tank, from :

  •  The hand pump : simple use and designed to fill the tank everywhere
  •  The mini electric compressor : portable, you can carry it easily and fill the tank very quickly
  •  Another scuba tank : need a little adapter to transfer the air
  •  A classic diving compressor : filling like every other bigs tanks

The 0,5 L aluminium tank makes the equipment light.

Indeed, it weighs only 2 kg in the air and less than 1 kg felt underwater.

With a maximal pressure of 200 bar, the internal volume is 100 liters.

A navy blue protection allows to protect the tank against the small shocks and the scratches.

The maximal authorized depth of use is 3 m for non-divers

The MiniDive Pro has been thought, designed, developed and standardized to ensure the maximal security for the user to have the simplest possible use. The products meet to all mandatory standards.

Presentation of the compressed air tank

If you wish more time underwater, the compressed air tank permit you to pass from an empty tank to a full one thanks to a simple operation of screwing/unscrewing.

This operation takes less than 10 seconds, this compressed air tank is practical, light and easy of use.

minidive recharge à air comprimé

Presentation of the M4S Hand pump

The difference between the M4S pump and a classical bike pump is its internal conception which allows to reach more important pressures (10 times higher).
So, the filling of the MiniDive Pro is not possible with a bike pump. 

Its main advantage is its maneuverability as well as its capacity to be used autonomously for the user without electric or other energy source.

The highest pressure authorized is 200 bar.

Every pump M4S has a filter.

The time of pumping is of 10-12 minutes on average, a small time of cooling is necessary after 5 minutes of continuous use.

The M3S pump is :

  •  Light : With only 2 kg you can move it easily
  •  Compact : With only 62 cm height and 21 cm wide, it is easily transportable
  •  Safe and readable : The integrated manometer allows an easier pressure control

Presentation of the Minicomp

The MiniComp can fill the MiniDive Pro in 3 mins only.

The Minicomp contains special filters that filter humidity, oil, smell and particles, one little filter is needed for each fill, it's very quick and simple to change.

The Minicomp is :

  •  Light : 17 kg only, it's the lightest high pressure compressor on the market, you can take it with one hand easily
  •  Compact : Its dimensions are 35x18x37,5 cm (LxWxH), you can put it easily in your boat, car or cupboard
  •  Sure : A manometer with a auto-stop permit to stop the MiniComp automatically at the desired pressure
minidive minicomp