MiniDive, the scuba tank that can be recharged by hand

MiniDive, the scuba tank that can be recharged by hand

Notice to amateurs and professionals of scuba diving! Discover MiniDive, the very first manually rechargeable scuba tank.

A French start-up created by two friends wants to make shallow diving accessible to everyone with maximum safety. For this, the two entrepreneurs have developed products that are more practical and less expensive than traditional diving equipment. This new mini scuba tank (average autonomy of 5 to 10 minutes) allows you to see and swim with fish

The main advantage of the product is its ease of being recharged with compressed air. There are 4 charging possibilities: a manual air pump, a high pressure mini electric compressor, another scuba tank or a classic scuba compressor.

With a maximum pressure of 200 bar, the 50 cl aluminum bottle is light (less than 800 grams for all equipment). You will forget it completely underwater to feel like a fish.

The Minidive will be available from January 2017 from 129 euros via a crowdfunding platform.

MiniDive presentation and demonstration