MiniDive is a French start-up, founded by two friends who want to make the shallow scuba diving accessible to everyone with maximum safety. For this, we have developed products which are more practical and cheaper than classic scuba diving equipment. 

This new patented mini scuba tank allows you 5 to 10 minutes underwater (its depends on the physical activity) for a pleasure use like see fishes underwater or practical use like check something under a boat.


The interest of this mini scuba tank is its use and refill facility.

There are 4 possibilities to fill the tank, like :


• The hand pump : simple use and designed to fill the tank everywhere 

• The mini electric compressor : portable, you can carry it easily and fill the tank very quickly

• Another scuba tank (need a little adapter to transfer the air)

• A classic diving compressor (filling like every other tanks)

With a maximal pressure of 200 bar, the 0,5 L aluminium tank is light (less than 0,8 kg* for all the equipment), you will completely forget it underwater and feel like a fish into water. 

Manual or electric, choose your way to refill your MiniDive Pro.

You want more time underwater ? Instead of buying the same equipment twice, just buy one more compressed air tank (pictured above). You can change the empty tank for a full one in only 10 seconds and you are ready to go back underwater.

A special harness has been designed for the MiniDive Pro.

All MiniDive Pro are sold with a highly resistant waterproof bag (available in 3 colors) that will allow you to carry (with the MiniDive Pro), fins, mask, pump and a towel.

*Weight felt under water