MiniDive Pro, the small manually rechargeable diving equipment

MiniDive Pro, the small manually rechargeable diving equipment

MiniDive Pro puts surface diving within everyone's reach. A mini manually rechargeable diving equipment, which allows you to dive between 5 and 10 minutes underwater.

MiniDive Pro was created by a French start-up which has developed this product more practical and cheaper than conventional diving equipment, thus ensuring maximum user safety. It is designed for sports use as an accompaniment to snorkeling or practice, such as checking or cleaning under the boat.

The peculiarity of the MiniDive Pro is that you can fill your tank anywhere with different options according to our possibilities, either with a simple manual pump or with a mini electric compressor for easy transport. The filling clip is rotated 360º to facilitate connection of the reservoir to the hand pump or mini-compressor.

It can also be filled with an adapter allowing transfer from another tank and with a conventional diving compressor.

Its maximum pressure is 200 bars, it weighs 2 kg on land and 800 grams in water. Its tank is made of aluminum with a capacity of 0.5 liters, which makes it a very light material for diving.

As for how it works, just open the valve and breathe.

The MiniDive Pro offers the possibility of acquiring additional cylinders without having to purchase additional complete equipment, which allows us to continue diving quickly, since in just 10 seconds you can change the cylinder.

Its harness has a special design to carry the equipment to the front of the torso and the seams are hand-sewn to protect the equipment from scratches and small bumps.

All MiniDive Pro are sold with a highly resistant waterproof bag available in 3 colors, which allows it to be carried with the rest of the diving equipment.

There is a 2 year warranty on parts, bushings and labor.