Minidive - Immersion sequence!

Minidive - Immersion sequence!

MiniDive is a French company which has developed an easily refillable mini diving bottle. Its objective is to offer a product more practical and more accessible than traditional diving equipment and, therefore, to popularize "mini" diving. The MiniDive Pro bottle allows you to evolve underwater for five to ten minutes at a depth maximum recommended of three meters.

Our opinion

Above all, diving is an activity that is not trivial and can present risks. Also, we urge you, as we have done, to first immerse yourself in the operating and safety instructions. These are largely detailed in the booklet transmitted with the material. Then, with the reduced autonomy of the bottle and the limit of evolution required from the surface, do not imagine tasting the exhilaration of the depths as in an expedition of Commander Cousteau. But this MiniDive Pro offers a fun and easy way to learn about diving or to practice it "between two waters"; perfect for exploring the edge of a cove and admiring the aquatic fauna that lurks there.

It is also possible to imagine applications more specific to yachting, such as checking the good holding of an anchor, loosening an end caught in the propeller, or even scratching any shells stuck on the hull.

Besides the pleasure of being able to move underwater, the use of the MiniDive Pro has proved convincing. Breathing through the regulator works perfectly, the presence of the bottle is almost forgotten because it is so light under water, and the air pressure control via the manometer, which is always visible, is reassuring. The purchase of an additional bottle (€ 119 for the 0.5 l and € 199 for the 0.8 l) may be useful for regular use. It is even possible to invest in a small compressor (999 €) which cuts the filling time to just three minutes and effortlessly.