Mini scuba tank, the trendy product of this summer

Mini scuba tank, the trendy product of this summer

Mini scuba tank, the trendy product of this summer

What are the advantages of a mini scuba tank?

The advantages of a refillable mini scuba tank are numerous!

Like a scuba tank, "mini scuba tank" describes traditional scuba equipment but miniaturized for an even stronger experience.

In contrast to a large tank, a small tank has a reduced size and weight, the pressure of a pony tank (pony = small) is the same as in a large tank or 200 bars. It is possible to check the pressure of the tank at any time with the help of the pressure gauge.

Dive for 12 minutes (autonomy) without side mount or special equipment other than the harness that holds the tank to your chest.

Breathing underwater is no longer a problem for those who want to discover the beauty of the shallow seabed. No need for a degree or special experience, we include with all of our products the very simple safety instructions to follow.

Is the mini scuba tank easy to use?

Different sizes of scuba tanks are available, up to 1 liter or 2 liters for an autonomy of 20 minutes or more.

There are several ways to refill the tank, it can be with a diving compressor or a manual pump, the compressor will only take a few minutes and the manual pump about 15 minutes. The compressor acts like an air pump, it compresses the ambient air to reduce its volume and place it in the cylinder. The difference between a standard compressor and our compressors is that our compressors are high-pressure air pumps that can go up to 300 bar.

Scuba diving is therefore accessible to all, diving to a depth of 3 meters is largely sufficient to start because it is in the first 3 meters that there is the most marine life and the best visibility to appreciate the fauna and flora.

Small diving tank, what price ? 

Discover the mini tanks accessible to all!

Gain freedom by refilling your mini tanks anywhere! There are several brands such as MiniDive, Oxsea, Karbones or Smaco.

The diving kit is mainly composed of a mask, a snorkel (for the surface), fins and of course your MiniDive for an unforgettable snorkeling experience.

Our manually refillable scuba tanks are available on our store. The manual pump can be advised for small volumes (up to 0,5 L)

To consult :

Mini scuba tank Review , go to MiniDive product sheet, review section to see the MiniDive customer review

Mini Dive Tank Danger , go to the product sheet download section to download the product user manual (PDF), you will find referenced all the dangers of diving and how to avoid dangerous situations.

It is also important to note the benefits of scuba diving such as the improvement of the body while avoiding joint trauma. Scuba diving improves your cardiovascular system, endurance and breathing. Diving allows you to relax and better control your emotions. Diving allows you to discover and explore the aquatic fauna.

Diving is not only a leisure activity... It is also a sport! Indeed, this practice also brings physical benefits. Depending on the diving conditions, you can burn between 200 and 250 calories during a 20-minute dive. This is the equivalent of running at a slow pace or riding a bicycle at an average effort over the same time. Thus, diving will tone up all the muscle groups of your body, without traumatizing your joints, while strengthening your cardio-respiratory system and spending you without even realizing it. All this with the beneficial effects of water! Enough to make you want to start diving this summer, isn't it?

Another good thing about diving? Everyone can get into it! Junior, senior, men or women... For children, you will have to wait until the age of 8 to start diving. We have written an article on all the advantages of introducing diving to your children early. You don't need to be a high level sportsman to be able to discover scuba diving. It's a great sport if you want to share it with your family!

Don't hesitate to ask us your questions (general, technical or after-sales service) through the contact section of our site, we will answer you with pleasure as soon as possible.

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