Comparison of cheap mini scuba tanks

Comparison of cheap mini scuba tanks

MiniDive, a mini bottle made in France 

MiniDive is a French company that designs, manufactures and markets mini scuba tanks in more than 70 countries. The goal is to offer cheap and easy to use mini scuba tanks in order to democratize scuba diving and make it accessible to the greatest number of people. 

Their attractive prices allow customers to choose from a wide range of products and find the solution that best suits their needs. 

MiniDive offers several models of tanks to be able to breathe underwater with two possible finishes: Aluminum and Carbon.

There are three aluminum cylinders:

MiniDive Evo (0.2 L): With its regulator head, this bottle comes directly into the mouth and allows an average autonomy of 2 minutes underwater.

MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L): They are dressed in a navy blue leatherette protection. These cylinders have been used since the beginning of MiniDive, more than 5 years ago. Their maximum filling pressure of 200 bar, allow the user to have an autonomy of 7 minutes with the 0.5 L cylinder and 12 minutes with the 0.8 L cylinder.

MiniDive Evo (0,2 L)

Karbones the cheapest small dive tank

There are four carbon cylinders:

MiniDive Evo+ (0.35 L): Like the MiniDive Evo (0.2 L), it is equipped with a regulator head that allows it to be taken directly into the mouth and guarantees an average autonomy of 4 minutes underwater.

MiniDive Carbon (0.5 L), Carbon+ (1.1 L) and Carbon Max (2 L): Unlike aluminum cylinders, they are protected by an epoxy finish. They are lighter and can contain more air thanks to a higher working pressure of 300 bar. This allows for an autonomy of up to 40 minutes.

In order to be completely autonomous, MiniDive has also developed several specific filling methods adapted to its products, in order to guarantee a good quality of breathable compressed air.

Depending on your MiniDive cylinder, you will have the choice between 4 filling methods:

The manual pump: Easy to use and light, it allows you to fill your cylinder (up to 0.5 L) anywhere without electricity.

The filling station: It allows you to fill the MiniDIve cylinder with a classic diving cylinder by transferring the air from the latter.

The 12 V compressor: Small and light, this electric compressor allows you to fill cylinders up to 0.8 L, by connecting to a 12 V battery.

The 220 V compressor: Powerful and robust, it is able to fill all the MiniDive cylinders quickly.

MiniDive Evo (0,35 L) + 12 V

This wide range of products guarantees customers a large number of combinations, in order to find the most adequate solution to their needs. 

Seagow, a mini scuba tank with a flashy look

MiniDive's attractiveness lies in the quality and diversity of its products and services, which sets it apart from its main competitors such as Scorkl, Smaco or Karbones. As a comparison, a Scorkl mini scuba tank is only available in two versions and is only offered with a manual pump or a filling station. 

Furthermore, in order to guarantee maximum safety to its users, MiniDive provides with each of its products a manual including instructions for use and safety. This allows the user to dive in the best possible conditions, and to enjoy the maximum safety.

Whether it's for recreational use, exploring a cove and contemplating the aquatic fauna that lurks there, or for more specific use, such as checking the hull of a boat, checking an anchor or untangling a line caught in a propeller, MiniDive is the ideal and indispensable accessory for your maritime outings. 

You can find all MiniDive products on their website and contact them directly by email or phone, if you need more information. 

You will find a team that will listen to you and provide a quality service before and after your purchase.

refillable scuba tank mini

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