karbones versus MiniDive

karbones versus MiniDive

What are the differences between Karbones and Minidive? (materials, design...)

The main differences between Karbones and Minidive products are the way the bottle is used and the underwater autonomy.

Minidive uses a wide range of bottles from 0,2 L to 2 L in aluminium and carbon, Karbones uses only 2 bottles: 0,5 L in aluminium and 0,5 L in carbon.

Minidive offers 2 cylinders that can be worn directly in the mouth: the 0.2 L (aluminum) and the 0.35 L (carbon), the other cylinders are worn with a harness and a regulator in the mouth for a better comfort and experience

In terms of design, carbon cylinders consist of a body, the cylinder, and a head, the regulator, which includes a mouthpiece through which the user can breathe air from the cylinder, a high-pressure filling port and a pressure gauge to monitor the cylinder pressure. This is the simplest design that can be found on a mini scuba tank, it is also possible to have a mini scuba tank with more traditional equipment as on a large scuba tank, this is the case of the minidive tanks from 0.5 L. 

Minidive cylinders are made up of a body, the cylinder in aluminum or carbon, a valve, a 1st stage regulator including a pressure gauge, a medium pressure hose and a 2nd stage regulator with a mouthpiece, which allows you to breathe the air in the cylinder. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to not have all the weight of the tank in your mouth, which allows a better experience for the diver.

The karbon tank has a maximum autonomy of 10 minutes with the aluminum tank and 12 minutes maximum with the carbon tank. 

More than 15 minutes of autonomy are available with the minidive tanks.

Of course, all the cylinders are refillable.

The will of these 2 companies being to democratize the mini diving to the general public.

Minidive is a French company just like karbones.

Whatever the brand, it remains very important to follow the safety instructions of the products so that scuba diving remains a leisure activity.

What is the easiest mini tank to handle?

The tanks from karbones and minidive are easy to handle but generally speaking the tanks that are worn directly in the mouth are the easiest to use. However, they are not the most comfortable nor the most autonomous tanks.

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What accessories should I use for my mini tank?

We can recommend several accessories for your mini scuba tank such as a safety buoy that allows you to stay within a given depth, usually 3 meters. Of course, you should also have the classic diving equipment: fins, mask and snorkel, the snorkel being useful to breathe air at the surface without consuming the air in the tank.

A manual pump can also be useful in the case of a small tank, indeed the manual air pump can allow the refilling of the tank almost everywhere.

Compressor filters are also required, although they may be included with the original compressors.

Suitable travel bags are also recommended if the equipment is to be moved.

Best value mini scuba tanks?

The most affordable scuba tanks are the aluminum tanks, these tanks have a pressure of 200 bar

Carbon cylinders have a working pressure of 250 bar or 300 bar 

The karbones and minidive products are much more affordable equipment than the classic or "traditional" diving.

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