Minidive the mini scuba tank to take everywhere

Minidive the mini scuba tank to take everywhere

Minidive the mini scuba tank to take everywhere

Minidive is a mini dive tank, mini dive can be carried everywhere, small, light, compact and does not require maintenance as a classic diving equipment it is the perfect accessory for your vacations or for your boat.

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How does it work?

The principle of operation of the minidive tank is very simple, first of all you have a classic diving tank, smaller in size than a large diving tank but made in the same way. The tank can hold a pressure of 200 bar if it is made of aluminum or 300 bar if it is made of carbon. The cylinder is associated with a valve, 200 bars or 300 bars. Then there is the regulator part with a first stage regulator associated with a manometer to visualize the pressure of the tank and a blue flexible hose on which is connected a second stage regulator that allows the diver to breathe the air in the tank.

Our products

Our product range in 2022 is quite wide, historically we released our first cylinder, the minidive pro is our 0.5 l aluminum cylinder. Then we released a 0,8 l bottle : the minidive pro+ in aluminium then we started the carbon bottles, first the 1 l bottle : the minidive carbon+ then 0,5 l : the minidive carbon then in 2020 the 2 l bottle : the minidive carbon max and finally in 2021, 2 new bottles, smaller, that is to say 0,2 l : minidive evo in alu and 0,35 L : minidive evo+ in carbon

The autonomy of our cylinders varies according to their size, from 3 minutes for the smallest, to 5 minutes for the minidive evo+, up to 10 minutes for the minidive pro, up to 15 minutes for the minidive pro+, up to 20 minutes or more for the minidive carbon+ (1l carbon cylinder) with 25 minutes of autonomy or 30 minutes for the carbon max, these autonomies are averages that depend on several parameters such as the diver's stress, the water temperature, the depth of the dive, etc.

All these cylinders are proposed separately but also in packs, they are packs ready to dive when you add the means of refill, it can be : a high pressure manual pump, a filling station, DIN or Etrier (to recharge the minidive, from a dive tank), a 12V electric compressor to recharge from a 12V battery using alligator clips, note that there is a module for use on a 220V power outlet but that the size the bottle is limited to 0.8 liter. Finally, the 220V electric compressor can recharge all bottles from 0.2 to 2 liters.

All our products are provided with a user manual in English, you will find all the technical terms like scuba tank, scuba diving or compressed air etc...

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Who are we ?

We are the pioneers and inventor of the mini scuba tank as we know it today, we have in 2016 revolutionized scuba diving by making it accessible to the general public. The public has given it back to us by massively adopting our products and they are right, the feeling of freedom when you breathe underwater is incomparable. Scuba diving remains a particular and potentially dangerous sport if one does not follow the basic safety rules, which is what we focus on, our priority remains the safety of our users.

We also manufacture custom equipment for any customer, military equipment and material for special or conventional forces. We are able to select the best parts, assemblies, sub-assemblies or to have them manufactured if necessary in order to guarantee the best product on the market and to respect a particular and precise specification, we receive any type of request which we examine. We only accept requests that we are sure we can provide a perfect product.


You can read the opinion of all our customers who agreed to share their opinion about the product they ordered on the website just here:

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The opinions are in several languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek...etc...

They talk about us

We had a lot of press articles talking about us or quoting us, here are some examples :, neozone, sustain Europe, meilleur innovation, voile er moteur, acte nautique, magical news today, deeper blue, l'équipe, mashable, etc...

If you want to contact us for a simple question or a specific request, you can do it by email : we will answer your message as soon as possible or by phone +33 7 81 87 93 38 (what's app).

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