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  • Mini Dive Carbon (0.5 L / 30 cu in) + Yoke Filling station + Harness
  • MiniDive Carbon (0,5 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (0,5 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (0,5 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (0,5 L)
  • MiniDive Carbon (0,5 L)
  • diving tank refill

Mini Dive Carbon (0.5 L / 30 cu in) + Yoke Filling station + Harness

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Scuba diving oxygen

0.5 L carbon tank that offers 10 minutes of autonomy + filling station + harness. 

Carbon dive cylinder easily refillable with a filling station, the minidive 220 V compressor, or the mini 12 V mini dive compressor. See the minidive reviews below.

The MiniDive Carbon:

It includes a 0.5 L cylinder of 300 bar with the regulator system. Very easy to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth and breathe!

The carbon cylinder allows you to have a 10 minutes autonomy under water. Its weight is less than 2 kg and its buoyancy is neutral. Its dimensions are available below the description.

All our products are certified to meet European and world standards, which ensures maximum safety for every user. All our cylinders are tested at 300 bar before being marketed.

A complete user manual is included in each pack.

The Yoke Filling Station:

This is a fitting to be clipped into the mini-device and screwed into a large dive cylinder to be able to transfer the compressed air between the 2 cylinders. There is also a DIN model for diving cylinders with a DIN valve.

The Harness:

Designed and entirely handmade in France, it is adapted to the MiniDive Pro and is adjustable to fit all male or female morphologies. Closing with clips and scratch®.

Refilling of the tank :

With the 12 V compressor

With a DIN filling station

With a 220 V compressor

If the product is out of stock, consult the repackaged products.

Consult the minidive reviews in the minidive review tab

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Data sheet

3 Kg / 6.6 lbs
Maximum Pressure
300 bar / 4500 psi
0,5 L / 30 cu in
8+ (sous surveillance parentale) / 8+ (under parental supervision)
Filling time
3 mins
Rated 4.33 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews

Nice thin tank

Very sweet little tank that is really lightweight in comparaison of the ten minutes of autonomy reached.

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Had to wait but it's worth the time

Finally here… We wait a long time for delivery with the virus pandemic I was really waiting for this at least for test in spa …now I just want to swim with that in the sea, can't wait because sensation in spa are already crazy for me as a beginner. However it seems the tank that have the finest protection, I will see in the time how it move with scratch…

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Nous recommandons.

Produit attendu depuis plusieurs semaine enfin disponible pour la livraison en Guadeloupe, pas déçu du tout de la qualité du carbone, la taille et le poids c'est incontestable en terme d'avantage. Seul point négatif, le pression de la bouteille est plus faible que dans la grande carbon 1,1 L. mais l'autonomie constatée d'a peu près 10 minutes en situation calme reste très correcte par rapport à la taille.

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