How long does it take to refill the 0,5 L tank with the M3S & M4S Pumps ?

From 0 bar to 200 bar, the pumping time is 12 minutes average, actually 4x3 minutes to let it cooling after few minutes of use. 

What sort of air is on the tank and which quantity ?

The tank contains compressed air, the same ambient air breathed by all of us. At 200 bar (3000 PSI) pressure there are 100 L of air in the MiniDive Pro and 160 L of air in the MiniDive Pro+ (0,5 L water volume for the MiniDive Pro and 0,8 L for the MiniDive Pro+).

Can I refill the MiniDive Pro with my air compressor ?

No, it is not possible for 2 reasons: firstly, standard compressors have an operating that goes to 15 or 20 bar (300 PSI) maximum, our compressor can reach pressures higher than 200 bar (3000 PSI). Secondly, about air quality, standard compressors do not have filter to make a breathable air.

To what depth the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) works ?

The MiniDive Pro (Pro+) works up to 50 meters (164 ft) depth. It’s highly recommended to do not use the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) up to a such depth, for safety reasons.

What happen if we go under 3 meters of depth ?

Nothing will happen on the MiniDive Pro (Pro+), this limit has been set only for limit the risks for non-divers. But, even in 3 meter (9ft) depth, there are risks for the user if he don’t respect the safety instructions. Only certified divers are allowed to use the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) under 3 meters (9 ft) depth.

MiniDive Pro and MiniDive Pro+ are they subject to the french obligatory re-test ?

The MiniDive Pro tank is not subject to the obligatory re-test

The MiniDive Pro+ tank is subject to the obligatory re-test (contact a diving center)

Each country has his own legislation, we recommend you to inquire the legislation of your country.

What are the safety instructions to follow imperatively ?
  • Never hold your breath whether on the descent or on the ascent
  • Never go down if we feel discomfort at the ears, nose or eyes
  • Never go back to the surface fast (never faster than the little air bubbles)
  • Check very regularly the manometer and use the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) at the surface when the needle of the manometer is in the red zone

Parts 12 of the manual includes the different information and use of the products before, during and after diving

What is the underwater autonomy of the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) ?

Autonomy goes from 5 to 10 minutes for the MiniDive Pro and from 10 to 15 minutes for the MiniDive Pro+. The most influential factor is stress and control of breathing.

Can we refill the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) with a bike pump ?

No, a bike pump is only able to reach pressure like 15 or 20 bar (49 and 65 PSI) maximum. Our special hand pump is able to reach more than 200 bar (3000 PSI). Its conception (patented) allows it to be robust and refill the MiniDive Pro without physical difficulty.

How do I now if there is air in the tank ?

The integrated manometer into the tank outlet allows you to control easily and quickly the remaining pressure in the tank without remove the tank from its harness.

Does the MinDive Pro (Pro+) authorized in plane ?

It is not forbidden to travel with the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) by airplane as long as the tank is empty, valve opened and declared as for bord.

Sometimes the company can request that the valve be disconnected of the tank, this very quick and simple procedure is described in preamble of the instruction manual.

Can I put my own 1st stage regulator ?

The MiniDive Pro (Pro+) use a din 300 bar (4351 PSI) valve who accept any DIN 300 bar (4351 PSI) regulator.

What is the solution for have more autonomy ?

The solution consists in have tanks only (sold separately). The change from a empty tank to a full one take only a few seconds and you can go dive again. Every tank has a autonomy of 5 to 10 mins for the 0,5 L tank and 10 to 15 mins for the 0,8 L one.

What is the lifetime of the equipment ?

The equipments have been developed and tested for dozens cycles, several hundred refills for tanks of the MiniDive Pro (and Pro+), the M3S & M4S pumps and the MiniComp. Strong resistance tests have been done before the products are inspected et certified by an independent agency in order to be introduce in the market. And we continue to test the products to make them even more reliable and safer.

Why choose MiniDive ?

Because it’s the only equipment in the world which allows you to have from 5 to 15 minutes of autonomy underwater, very light and small, with hands free thanks to his harness developed for. Only MiniDive offer 4 ways to refill the tank in compressed air. Only the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) allows to control the pressure during the use without having to remove the tank. No other equipment allows you to replace a empty tank by a full one in few seconds and be ready to dive again, so finally better autonomy.

Are the equipment certified ? Inspected and standards ?

Yes, equipment are inspected, tested and certified by an independent agency before being introduced on the market. Each equipment meets mandatory standards for its sale.

Are the products customizable ?

Yes, upon request, for the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) we can have the protection and flexible with the color of your choice. The length of the hose is customizable too.

Should the products have special maintenance ?

The periodicity of control of the MiniDive Pro depend on its use, annually if the product is used frequently. The maintenance must be realized in a certified dive center (please contact a diving center) to check the tank and the complete system.

For daily use maintenance of the MiniDive Pro (Pro+), M3S & M4S pumps and MiniComp, it’s detailed in the user manual.

What happens if the maximum pressure is exceeded?

Products have been developed et tested for supporting a pressure above 200 bar (3000 PSI). There is no risk of burst if the pressure exceeds 200 bar (3000 PSI) but the user mustn’t exceed this pressure.

Can I put the harness and the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) in my back ?

No, it is strongly not advised because it is not possible to have a direct look on the manometer so the user can control the remaining pressur.

Is the MiniDive Pro (Pro+) enriched air compatible ?

No, the tank is not compatible for air-enriched, it is forbidden to refill the tank with a air-mix or other compressed air except ambiant one.

Is it difficult to pump 200 bar (3000 PSI) by hand ?

No, it’s not difficult to pump up to 200 bar (3000 PSI) thanks to the mechanism specially developed for the most confortable use possible.