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10 minutes under the sea
9 Oct, 2017
An article published in a french magazine, L'Express's special issue, under the heading 50 innovative ideas: 
MiniDive, the small diving tank that recharges by hand
May 15, 2017 Comment: 0
The MiniDive tank, revolution or simple gadget ?
Self-refill scuba tank : MiniDive Pro
Apr 17, 2017 Comment: 0
You no longer need to be a professional diver or an advanced connoisseur of scuba equipment to enjoy the delights of the underwater world....
Mini diving bottle for all, rechargeable with a manual air pump
Jan 18, 2017 Comment: 0
Discover the beauty of the underwater world with the MiniDive Pro, ready in few seconds to swim underwater with the fishes by breathing...