Minidive - Immersion sequence!

MiniDive is a French company that has developed a mini diving tank, easily rechargeable. Its objective is to offer a more practical and accessible product than traditional diving equipment and, therefore, to popularize "mini" diving. the MiniDive Pro tank allows you to evolve underwater for five to ten minutes at a maximum recommended depth of three meters.

It weighs only 2 kg (less than 1 kg felt underwater), which makes it lightweight. It also has a protective cover that protects it from possible shocks and scratches. Finally, the manufacturer states that the MiniDive Pro "meets the mandatory application standards for diving equipment" and ensures maximum safety for the user.

The tank is sold in a pack with the M4S hand pump. This particular pump allows the tank to be charged at a pressure of 200 bar - don't expect to do the same with a simple bicycle pump. The MiniDive Pro concentrates the equivalent of 100 litres of compressed air in a volume corresponding to 0.5 litres of water. The filling operation of the bottle with the pump takes about 25 minutes: three 5-minute pumping cycles, interspersed with two 5-minute pauses to allow the pump to cool down.

The regulator and pressure gauge are of course included, as well as the imitation leather harness that allows the bottle to be pressed against the chest. The manufacturer's online catalogue also includes a larger capacity tank (0.8 l MiniDive Pro+) and a wide range of optional accessories.

Our opinion

Above all, diving is a not insignificant activity and can present risks. We therefore urge you, as we have done, to immerse yourself in the operating and safety instructions in the first place. These are largely detailed in the booklet sent with the equipment. Then, with the reduced autonomy of the tank and the limit of evolution required in relation to the surface, do not imagine tasting the intoxication of the depths as in an expedition of Commander Cousteau. But this MiniDive Pro offers a fun and easy way to learn to dive or practice "between two waters"; perfect for exploring the surroundings of a creek and contemplating the aquatic fauna that lies hidden there. 

It is also possible to imagine more specific applications for yachting, such as checking the proper holding of an anchor, loosening a tip caught in the propeller, or scraping any shells stuck on the hull.

In addition to the pleasure of being able to evolve underwater, the use of the MiniDive Pro has proved convincing. Breathing through the regulator works perfectly, the presence of the bottle is almost forgotten as it is so light underwater, and the control of air pressure via the pressure gauge, permanently visible, is reassuring. The purchase of an additional bottle (119 € for the 0.5 l and 199 € for the 0.8 l) may be useful in the case of regular use. It is even possible to invest in a small compressor (999 €) that reduces the filling time to only three minutes and without effort.

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