The MiniDive is a mini aluminium diving tank with a capacity of 31 cu in.

It inflates to 200 bars and is used with a traditional regulator. Its small capacity gives it an autonomy of 5 and 10 minutes, a duration that will depend on the diver's experience and the physical effort provided during the dive.

Unlike conventional scuba tanks, the MiniDive is recharged with a simple hand pump such as a bicycle pump! It takes about 330 strokes and 15 minutes to fully recharge it.

In addition to its hand pump, the MiniDive can also be filled with a mini compressor, a traditional diving compressor or from an already inflated classic scuba tank.

The use of the tank is intended for the general public for leisure and discovery as well as for sailors wishing to work on the hull of their boat.

For obvious reasons, this one is limited to a depth of 3m as specified by the manufacturer. Inside the pack, you will find all the safety rules governing scuba diving. Finally, all products meet the mandatory diving standards (EN250 2014/68 / EU, etc...).

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