Which mini scuba tank to buy?

Which mini scuba tank to buy?

The different brands of mini scuba tanks ?

We advise you to buy the bottle and the filling device that correspond to your needs.

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It is important to know if you will travel with the cylinders or not. 

If you are going to travel by plane, we advise you not to choose the biggest compressor (20 kg) in blue color, the compressor can be too heavy and / or bulky for the transport in hold according to the company. All cylinders can be taken on the plane, some companies ask for the dismantling of the cylinder valve in order to make sure that the cylinder is not under pressure, which is prohibited. However, the filling of cylinders with a volume greater than 0.8 L, i.e. 1.1 L and 2 L carbon cylinders, is only possible with the largest blue compressor. If you need to refill the cylinders in a place without electricity we recommend the manual pump (up to 0.35 L) or the DIN / bracket filling station to fill the minidive with a large diving cylinder.

If you do not plan to travel by plane with your mini tanks, you can consider all tanks and filling methods. For effortless recharging, consider a 12V electric compressor (220V option, black in color) or 220V electric compressor (blue in color). A high-pressure air pump is the easiest way to fill a tank, but it requires the most effort and time.

What are the different brands of mini scuba tanks?

There are several brands of scuba diving equipment, mainly Beuchat, Scubatech, aqualung, minidive, cressi, oxsea, karbones, smaco or Mares

After testing a lot of equipment, it appears that the positioning of the brands is different, there are entry level or low end brands like oxsea or smaco, and high quality brands with a very important product follow-up like aqualung or minidive.

What volume should I choose for my small scuba tank?

Most of the brands of mini scuba tanks offer volumes from 0,5 L to 1 L, minidive offers different sizes of tanks from 0,2 L to 2 L, in aluminium or carbon depending on the size. 0,2 L aluminium, 0,35 L carbon, 0,5 L aluminium, 0,5 L carbon, 0,8 L aluminium, 1,1 L carbon and 2 L carbon.

If you want to experience the sensation of diving without staying underwater for a long time, it is recommended to start with the 0.2 L or 0.35 L. If you want to stay underwater for a longer period of time or use the tanks several times a year, then the 0.8 L, 1.1 L and 2 L tanks are recommended. Diving for children from 8 years old (under adult supervision) is possible, depending on the age of the child and his/her weight it is recommended to use a cylinder up to 0.8 L.

What is the price of a small tank ?

The price of a scuba tank varies according to several criteria, its quality (low-end or high-end), its capacity, its geographical origin and its material (aluminum, steel, carbon). A scuba tank alone is not useful if you don't have the means to refill it with compressed air. Small scuba tanks are often offered as a pack: tank + filling means + holding system (harness - if necessary).

The first prices start at 199€ (tank only).

The first ready to dive pack starts at 299€ and includes an aluminum tank and a manual air pump.

For packs with several bottles + refill means, count a little more than 2000€, you will have very good quality products, tested, guaranteed 2 years and ready to use to breathe under water.

What is the origin of this mini scuba tank ?

The origin of this mini scuba tank is to be found in a start up in Clermont Ferrand in France, although there is neither sea nor ocean, it is the MiniDive company which invented in 2016 the mini scuba tank with a revolutionary idea: using a hand pump to recharge the tank with compressed air and then breathe the air contained inside. Since then, the products have greatly evolved and diversified to meet the ever-growing needs of users in terms of autonomy, ergonomics, lightness, resistance, etc...

If you have any other questions, on the use of the cylinders, techniques, or other ... do not hesitate to let us know by email at contact@minidive.com or by message what's app +33 7 81 87 93 38, we will answer you as soon as possible.

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