Mini scuba tank reviews: testimonials from regular users

Mini scuba tank reviews: testimonials from regular users

Mini scuba tank reviews: testimonials from regular users

In this article we will review the decathlon mini scuba tank, decathlon small scuba tank, decathlon scuba tank, diving fins, snorkels and their use for the general public

Pack : 2 MiniDive Carbon (0,5 L) + 12 V

What are the differences between Decathlon and Minidive tanks (materials, design...)

First of all, it should be noted that there is no decathlon mini tank available today, decathlon only sells standard size tanks or diving blocks for a classic diving practice. The minidive diving tanks have an average autonomy of 15 minutes where the big diving tanks have an autonomy of more than one hour, but the filling mode is also different since minidive proposes refill systems in its packs. These systems are light and portable where Decathlon does not offer a compressor or compressed air refill system, you have to go to a diving club to have your tank refilled. We can see that there are major fundamental differences between minidive and decathlon on the products offered and their use.

Note that we talk about mini dive tanks up to 2 liters of volume, we also talk about volume in water. Mini dive offers 0.2 liter, 0.35 liter, 0.5 liter, 0.8 liter, 1.1 liter and 2 liter tanks.

Mini Dive offers several ways of recharging compressed air such as a hand pump, a 12v compressor, a 220v compressor but also filling stations to transfer air from a classic diving cylinder to the mini dive, for this you just need to connect the 2 cylinders together with a fitting called filling station, there is a DIN model and a bracket model.

What is the easiest mini cylinder to handle?

The easiest cylinders to handle are the mini tanks since they have been designed specifically for this purpose, the classic decathlon diving cylinders are aimed at experienced divers, these diving cylinders are heavy, bulky, cumbersome and not easily transportable with all the necessary equipment (regulator, pressure gauge, etc...).

Please note that you cannot find complete ready-to-use equipment from Decathlon, you can only find different scuba diving elements to buy independently and assemble yourself.

What accessories for my mini scuba tank?

The essential accessories for a mini scuba tank are the regulators, 1st stage regulator, 2nd stage regulator and the pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of the tank in compressed air.

We can also recommend a safety buoy, this buoy has the double advantage of preventing you from reaching too great depths but also to signal your presence on the surface to other swimmers, divers, boats, etc...

A 2nd or 3rd bottle, but only the refill, that is to say the bottle and the valve only, it is this part which contains the compressed air. It is possible to keep the same regulator and to change only the bottle part by dividing an empty bottle by a full one.

Mini scuba tank at the best price ?

The best price and best value for money for a mini scuba tank is offered by mini dive, which specializes in scuba diving equipment with an excellent price/quality ratio.

The decathlon mini scuba tank may be released soon but for now mini dive remains the pioneer and leader of the small scuba tank market since 2016.

MiniDive offers products and packs from 199 € or $ 219.

Pack : 2 MiniDive Carbon Max (2 L) + 220 V

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  1. Andrew Rawcliffe

    I needed a small scuba set for emergency repairs beneath the waterline of my boat. Mini Dive equipment is very compact and perfect for my requirements. Great customer service and assistance when required. Thanks

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