Can a mini scuba tank replace a traditional tank?

Can a mini scuba tank replace a traditional tank?

In this article, we will discover the advantages and disadvantages of a mini scuba tank compared to a traditional scuba tank. With this, you will be able to find the best possible option for your next dive!

To make this comparison, we will study for both types of tanks, all their characteristics, such as depth of use, autonomy, price etc.

With a mini cylinder, the depth of use will be limited. For safety reasons, MiniDive advises not to go below 3 meters of depth, even if the equipment can go deeper. All safety instructions are given in a user manual delivered with each MiniDive product.

With a standard diving block, it will be possible to descend to a depth of several tens of meters, but depending on the time spent underwater, it will be necessary to respect decompression stops at different depths, in order to avoid any accident when returning to the surface.

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The autonomy is dependent on the depth of use. The deeper the user goes, the less time spent underwater. 

For a mini scuba tank used between 0 and 3 meters, the autonomy varies from 2 to 30 minutes, for a volume ranging from 0.2 L to 2 L.

The advantage of these small volumes is the ease with which you can carry and take your diving equipment everywhere. You can easily move around and explore shallow waters to discover the sea bed. 

A mini scuba tank weighs between 0.5 kg and 3.3 kg (in air), so you won't have any trouble carrying it in your backpack during your explorations.

The mini scuba tank is ideal if you just want to explore shallow environments or maintain your boat. 

It is easy to carry on your boat, and will allow you to go underwater to check the hull, unjam something caught in the propeller or dive to unjam your anchor.

This equipment is the perfect ally of the sailor because it will guarantee you a total autonomy thanks to its small size and its means of filling adapted to each type of use.

The manual pump will allow you to fill your bottle up to 0.5 L, without any external energy contribution. You will only have to pump to pressurize your equipment to 200 bars.

The 12 V compressor will be an undeniable asset on your boat, because you will only have to connect it to your battery to fill your bottle up to 0.8 L without effort.

The ease and speed with which you can get fitted makes the use of a mini scuba tank really simple and intuitive. In a few seconds, you can put on the harness, put the regulator in your mouth and dive into the water. Its lightness and small size will guarantee you a good mobility underwater in order to explore the sea bed in complete freedom.

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In addition to offering different cylinder volumes, MiniDive also offers a choice between two types of technology for its equipment. 

The first is the technology common to traditional scuba tanks. It consists of a cylinder, a valve (DIN or bracket), a first stage regulator, a hose and a second stage regulator. For MiniDive cylinders, a pressure gauge to control the pressure in the cylinder is screwed directly on the high pressure outlet of the regulator. Both traditional and MiniDive cylinders have free outlets on the first stage regulator, which can be used to connect several accessories, such as a stabilizing vest.

The second technology is the regulator head. The second technology is the regulator head, which combines both the first and second stage regulators in the same piece, which is screwed directly onto the cylinder. So no valve or hose on these cylinders. The pressure gauge is also directly attached to the head. The bottle will be taken directly in the mouth, there is no need for a harness or a vest. However, to avoid dropping the cylinder when releasing the mouth hold, it is possible to add a wrist strap. This will prevent the bottle from falling to the bottom of the water, in case it gets caught. No matter which technology you choose, you will always have your hands free underwater.

Another advantage is undoubtedly the cost. A kit including a mini scuba tank and a filling device will be accessible for less than 300€. 

Unlike a standard scuba tank which will cost much more without the filling device, and with which you will have to buy other equipment such as a stabilizing vest.

Thanks to its complete kits, MiniDive guarantees you total autonomy. You won't need to go to a dive center to fill your tank, you can do it simply and for free from your home or even from the place where you want to dive.

With a traditional scuba tank, you will be able to spend much more time underwater and explore the ocean floor at greater depths. 

However, this equipment is more cumbersome and therefore less easy to transport. You will also have to go to a dive center to fill it up. This can be a problem if you want to go diving when you travel.

With a mini scuba tank, travel is easy. You can take your tank with you in your checked luggage, as long as it is carried empty. All you have to do is fill it on the spot, using your preferred filling method.

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Moreover, according to French legislation, diving cylinders with a volume of 1 liter or more must be checked every 2 years by a competent organization. This will not apply to MiniDive cylinders, as they have a range of cylinders between 0.2 and 0.8 L. However, it is advisable to regularly check your cylinder visually in order to detect any deterioration and thus prevent any risks.

Even if the legislation differs according to the countries of the world, small diving cylinders often do not require a periodic compulsory control.

Unlike traditional scuba tanks, mini tanks do not require any training (levels) to be used. As said before, all safety instructions are given with each MiniDive product. If all the instructions are followed, it allows users to dive safely. Each customer also has the possibility in case of doubt to contact directly the MiniDive customer service, either by email, phone, Facebook or WhatsApp. This availability ensures that every person can have the best possible experience with a mini scuba tank. 

After studying all these characteristics we can say that even if it is possible to replace a traditional tank with a smaller one, their use will be somewhat different. It is therefore important to define your needs beforehand, in order to make the best possible choice of cylinder.

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