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Yoke Filling station

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This filling station allows the filling of the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) or Pro+ (0.8 L) directly from a big dive tank and its Yoke valve, the connection between the 2 tanks takes only few seconds. 

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$US 60.00

This filling station allows the filling of the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) or Pro+ (0.8 L) directly from a big dive tank.

-       Ready to use

-       Same connection system as the M4S hand pump 

-       Designed in stainless steel

-       Manometer/gauge integrated (in psi)

Hauteur14 cm
Largeur6 cm
Profondeur3 cm
Poids0.77 Kg
Maximum Pressure300 bar / 4500 psi
Age8+ (under parental supervision)
Filling time2 mins

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Matthew A. on 04/07/2019

The connection is very quick and easy, closing system is safe as the air filling. The manometer is not very accurate, the one of the minidive pro is more accurate so better to check.

Jordan L. on 04/16/2019

Works well and safe

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