MiniDive Pro+ (0,8 L) + DIN Filling station + Harness (Refurbished)

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The simple pack! This pack includes the MiniDive Pro+ (0.8 L) that has up to 15 mins autonomy. Its filling will be very quick and easy with the DIN filling station included, as much as the high quality harness that gives you the hands free underwater. This pack is the best if you have a large diving tank.

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The MiniDive Pro+ : Includes the 0.8 L (49 cu in) 200 bar (3000 psi) tank with the breathing system called "regulator". It’s very simple to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth then breathe ! The aluminium tank, wrapped of a handmade navy blue protection gives you up to 15 mins autonomy underwater. Its weight is 2.5 kg (5,5 lbs) in the air but much less felt underwater : around 1 kg (2 lbs), his weight is quickly forgotten. The safety is our #1 priority, the MiniDive Pro+ (0.8 L) meets all regulatory standards, ensuring maximum safety for its user. For example, before each shipment, the tanks are tested at 300 bar (4500 psi). A comprehensive user manual about the equipment and the diver security is included with each MiniDive Pro+.

DIN Filling station : This DIN Filling station designed in stainless material has a manometer (jauge) included, you can fill your MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) or Pro+ (0.8 L) directly from a big dive tank and its DIN valve. The connection between the 2 tanks is very simple and takes only few seconds. 

The Harness : Designed by MiniDive for the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L), it is handmade in France. This harness can hold the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L) to your chest (man or woman) whatever your position underwater. An adjustable elastic up to 140 cm (55 in) can adapt to all morphologies. Its scratch system makes it very easy and simple to use.


Our refurbished products are products that have not been used or have been used and returned to us in a very good condition. They have been the subject of all tests and are therefore in perfect working order and still under warranty. Some part of the tank can have different color compared to a new tank.

Hauteur10 cm
Largeur20 cm
Profondeur40 cm
Poids6.6 lbs
Maximum Pressure3000 psi
Capacity49 cu in
Age8+ (under parental supervision)
Filling time3 mins

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Really new and cool
Sara b. on 03/18/2019

Sensation are crazy, you don't even feel the tank underwater, actually I forget it, it so lightweight underwater. I use the tank for our boat in Sydney, it last around 13 mins when I'm calm which is enought convinient for me. the filling is also convinient from a dive tank. I rate 10/10 because I don't have remark on the minidive serice, they answer quickly by email and the product has been sent the next day of my order.

Quick shipping and great product
Antonio V. on 03/29/2019

I'm satisfied by the service and shipping, 5 days in total to here in SA, I can say that the product is hand made and seels well concepted. I only use this product during my holidays.

Innovant et français !
Michael Z. on 03/29/2019

Produit de bonne facture, je redoutais que le harnais ne s'adapte pas à ma morphologie ou que la bouteille tienne mal mais aucun pb sous l'eau. Le seule défaut selon moi est l'autonomie, je fais 12 minutes avec la bouteille mais j'aimerais pouvoir rester plus longtemps sous l'eau sans remonter à la surface pour recharger.

Tehura p. on 03/11/2020

9/10 Products perfect delivery time too long with customs

Amazing device for children 1st dive
Donald M. on 04/11/2019

I am a scuba diver in Thailand and I wanted to start to learn to my son the scuba diving, the minidive pro+ is perfect for this, much more ligher than a classic full gear but with the same sensation. 13-14 minutes of autonomy and enought for the first dives.

super produit prêt à l'usage
Jonathan M. on 04/14/2019

Recu 3 jours après la commande par UPS, la bouteille est déjà complétement montée c'est parfait, le remplissage est super facile avec une autre bouteille, je conseille fortement ce pack si vous avez la possibilité d'avoir une grosse bouteille à dispo.

Good product but bad shipping
Sim M. on 04/19/2019

Now I get the product I can say that it is a good product but the delivery has been a disaster. The carrier "lost" the package at the arrival, I sent messages to Minidive so they can unlock the situation but they can do anything because it is UPS that has the parcel, after several messages and 2 weeks, they have unlocked the parcel by sending new documents. Do not use UPS as carrier if you are in South Africa!!

Fabrice Q. on 05/12/2019

Simplet efficace et fonctionnel sur le bateau

pack 0,8l reconditionné
Gregoire Leveque l. on 08/30/2020j'ai acheté un pack 0,8l reconditionné,livraison rapide, produit de tres bonne fabrication.rien à redire sur le produit.. juste l'autonomie qui est inférieure à l'annonce: 9min à 4m maxi (je suis plongeur déjà confirmé). sinon excellent produit. gregoire
I love the minidive
Sanders B. on 05/23/2019

It is a gift for me and I love it, I need to order new tanks to enhance the under water time.

quick and perfect
Charles A. on 05/29/2019

2 days delievry in UK, quick service and great product, now ready for travel

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    This specially designed harness allows you to use the MiniDive Pro without hands under water, the tank is stuck against your breast thanks to the adjustable elastic up to 140 cm (55 in).
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    $US 50.00
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    This filling station allows the filling of the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) or Pro+ (0.8 L) directly from a large diving tank and its DIN valve, the connection between the 2 tanks takes only few seconds.
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    $US 60.00
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    The MiniDive Pro is the only mini diving bottle that can be refilled directly by the user thanks to M4S Pump or the MiniComp, enjoy 10 to 15 mins of autonomy under the water with your hands free thanks to the harness which will maintain the MiniDive Pro+
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    $US 196.88

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