Scorkl versus Minidive: which brand is better?

Scorkl versus Minidive: which brand is better?

What are the differences between Scorkl and MiniDive ? (materials, design...)

When looking for a solution to be able to breathe underwater and thus explore the underwater world, the first idea is to turn to a scuba tank.

But for a few years now, an innovative solution has been emerging, in order to open up scuba diving to as many people as possible: the mini scuba tank.

In order to help you in your choice of tank, here is an article comparing two brands offering this kind of products: MiniDive and Scorkl.

Which bottle is easier to handle?

The main difference between a MiniDive tank and a Scorkl tank is the way the product is used. The MiniDive tank will be held by a harness at the level of your torso while the scorkl tank will be held only by the force of the jaw.

Moreover, it is necessary to look at the choice offered by the two brands. MiniDive offers many variations of cylinder volume (7, against 2 for Scorkl), allowing the customer to find the most appropriate solution for his application. This wide range of products allows to have quite interesting average autonomies, since for a 0,8 L bottle, you will be able to stay about 12 minutes under water and even go up to 40 minutes with a 2 L bottle.

Regarding the handling of the equipment, MiniDive provides with each product, precise and detailed instructions, in order to use the products safely. You just have to put the tank on your chest with the help of the harness, take the regulator in your mouth and jump into the water to enjoy the underwater world.

What accessories for my mini scuba tank? 

As far as accessories are concerned, it will be the same as for the choice of cylinders, since unlike Scorkl, MiniDive offers in addition to the manual pump and the filling station, compressors (12 V and 220 V) to fill your cylinders quickly and effortlessly. 

MiniDive also offers a wide range of accessories to complete your equipment such as a safety buoy, mouthpieces for children or waterproof boxes for your keys ...

Mini scuba tank at the best price ?

In terms of price, buying a scorkl tank or a MiniDive tank will be about the same, given the difference between the products and services offered. If you want to have the choice among a larger range of products with many variations, the logical choice will be MiniDive. You will have access to many technologies that allow you to breathe underwater and practice scuba diving at a lower cost.

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In any case, whether it is a mini scorkl or a MiniDive tank, the purchase will be much less expensive than a standard scuba tank and its use will be much simpler.

In addition, the proposed filling methods allow you to be completely autonomous and to fill your tank anywhere, anytime.

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