MiniDive Pro (0,5 L) + Harness (Refurbished)

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The basic pack! This pack includes the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) that has up to 10 mins autonomy with its high quality harness that give you the hands free underwater. The MiniDive Pro can be filled by: a dive compressor, a DIN or Yoke filling station, a high pressure hand pump or the MiniDive mini electric compressor.

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The MiniDive ProIncludes the 0.5 L (31 cu in) 200 bar (3000 psi) tank with the breathing system called "regulator". It’s very simple to use, you just have to take the regulator in your mouth then breathe ! The aluminium tank, wrapped of a handmade navy blue protection gives you up to 10 mins autonomy underwater. Its weight is 2.1 kg (4,6 lbs) in the air but much less felt underwater : around 1 kg (2,2 lbs), his weight is quickly forgotten. The safety is our #1 priority, the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) meets all regulatory standards, ensuring maximum safety for its user. For example, before each shipment, the tanks are tested at 300 bar (4500 psi). A comprehensive user manual about the equipment and the diver security is included with each MiniDive Pro.

The Harness : Designed by MiniDive for the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L), it is handmade in France. This harness can hold the MiniDive Pro (0.5 L) and Pro+ (0.8 L) to your chest (man or woman) whatever your position underwater. An adjustable elastic up to 140 cm (55 in) can adapt to all morphologies. Its scratch system makes it very easy and simple to use.

Our refurbished products are products that have not been used or have been used and returned to us in a very good condition. They have been the subject of all tests and are therefore in perfect working order and still under warranty. Some part of the tank can have different color compared to a new tank.

Hauteur30,5 cm
Largeur19 cm
Profondeur10 cm
Poids 4.4 lbs
Maximum Pressure3000 psi
Capacity31 cu in
Age8+ (under parental supervision)

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I have discover scuba diving
Kevin H. on 03/18/2019

I bought first the minidive tank to see it and it's really impresive for me that don't know the scuba diving. Instructionare really clear and minidive after sale service answer to all questions. I also bought the compressor in a second time for quick and easy filling, I love Minidive that is an improved snorkeling experience.

high quality product
Marco S. on 03/18/2019 I wanted to try Minidive with the simplest pack, sensation underwater is really cool, I have to fill it in a dive center which is not very convenient, i will take the mini compressor to use the minidive pro often. The delivery was very quick to Italy (2 days).
Very good product and service
Walt k. on 02/01/2020

After my purchase, I got 1 problem with the carrier, minidive has done the job to unlock the delivery that was very good. Now I have test the tank 1 time in my pool, I love it, it's totally new for me, I'm just waiting for the summer to use it in the sea.

Guillaume P. on 03/12/2019

C'est ma 2ème bouteille Minidive, sous l'eau la sensation est incroyable, on ne sent pas la bouteille, on est plus pré-occupé par ce que l'on voit. Le manuel d'utilisation a été amélioré par rapport à la première version et il est plus clair maintenant sur la partie sécurité. Bravo d'avoir developpé un tel systeme.

Superbes expériences (1ère plongée)
Audrey M. on 03/29/2019

De retour de voyage en Indonésie ou nous avons utilisé la minidive pendant 1 semaine, l'experience pour moi qui ne suis pas plongeuse est très bonne. Mon seul regret est l'autonomie de cette bouteille qui était de 6 minutes pour moi, même si mon stress au début a peut être joué sur l'autonomie

very good mini bottle
Attyla t. on 07/03/2019

Really easy to use, don't feel the weight underwater, harness fits well. Filling like a normal tank at dive shop. Very funny little toys. Special precision : the warning on the tank and into the manual a understandable by everyone that is good.

Price is high, but the quality too
Amy L. on 08/12/2019

Satisfied by the product, looks goods, looks qualitative. Autonomy is a little bit more than 5 min, which is sufficient for short dives.


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