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MiniDive, underwater exploration for everyone!
19 Mar, 2019
We tested for you the MiniDive, a mini diving tank that allows you to stay between 5 and 10 minutes underwater, to observe fish and seabed. It can also have a more practical use, to check the condition of the hull of a boat or the operation of the siphon of a pool for example. This mini dive tanks is manually recharged thanks to the pump supplied with (it...
10 minutes under the sea
9 Oct, 2017
An article published in a french magazine, L'Express's special issue, under the heading 50 innovative ideas: 
MiniDive, the small diving tank that recharges by hand
15 May, 2017
The MiniDive tank, revolution or simple gadget ?
Self-refill scuba tank : MiniDive Pro
17 Apr, 2017
You no longer need to be a professional diver or an advanced connoisseur of scuba equipment to enjoy the delights of the underwater world. Recently, a French start-up company has released their product – mini scuba tank, which can be refilled by the user. In this way, the founders wanted to make shallow scuba diving accessible to everyone.