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Mini diving bottle for all, rechargeable with a manual air pump
18 Jan, 2017
Discover the beauty of the underwater world with the MiniDive Pro, ready in few seconds to swim underwater with the fishes by breathing normally for 5 to 10 minutes. The pack includes the MiniDive Pro + the manual pump + the harness + a special waterproof bag.
This mini scuba diving gear will have you snorkeling just a little longer
15 Jan, 2017
MiniDive condenses traditional scuba diving equipment into a tiny tank and harness so users can swim more freely.
MiniDive, the diving bottle that recharges by hand
25 Dec, 2016
Notice to amateurs and professionals of scuba diving ! Discover MiniDive, the first ever manual rechargeable dive bottle.
MiniDive, the first mini rechargeable diving bottle with a manual pump
6 Dec, 2016
MiniDive is a young French start-up that offers an innovative solution allowing the general public to dive underwater for several minutes by breathing normally, all with a light and compact equipment. Autonomy is 5 to 10 minutes.